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Aberlour is situated in the lovely valley of the Spey close to the river on a long stretch of comparatively level ground. Its real name is Charleston-of-Aberlour and was founded by Charles Grant, the Laird of Elchies (a district north of the river). In 1813 when houses were being built, it was deemed proper to commemorate the event by naming the village or town "Charleston-of Aberlour," the Lairds son being called Charles, another village 2.5 miles from Elchies House was founded by a brother of Charles, named Archie, hence Archiestown.

Tourists who wish to enjoy the beauties of nature would do well to break their journey at Aberlour and visit the wonders of the Spey valley with its magnificent glens and dales. To enjoy the scenery of the district, the tourist must visit the places of great interest in the neighbourhood of the burgh.

The southern boundary of Aberlour is the Lour, an important tributary of the Spey. Aberlour therefore means the mouth of the Lour.

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