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The History



Aberlour is situated in the lovely valley of the Spey close to the river on a long stretch of comparatively level ground. Its real name is Charleston-of-Aberlour and was founded by Charles Grant, the Laird of Elchies (a district north of the river). In 1813 when houses were being built, it was deemed proper to commemorate the event by naming the village or town "Charleston-of Aberlour," the Lairds son being called Charles, another village 2.5 miles from Elchies House was founded by a brother of Charles, named Archie, hence Archiestown.

Organising Team

Meet our team

Chieftain: Guy Macpherson-Grant
President: Robbie Taylor
Honorary Vice President: Norman J Littler
Secretary: Brian Cameron
Treasurer: Julie Comins
Dancing Convenor: Alison Milne
Raffle Promoter: Bob Cluckie
Members of the Committee: Alistair Abbott, Nicki Andrews, Chris Burns, Neil Dicks, Tim Dumenil, Sandy Henderson, Jim Howie, Ben Morrison, Frank Munro, Neil Spence, James Tarling, Pamela Winchester, Doug Winchester

Guy Macpherson-Grant with family
Chieftain - Aberlour Strathspey Highland Games


August 2019

Charlestown of Aberlour

Alice Littler Memorial Park
Charlestown of Aberlour
AB38 9QP

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